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Come join the growing number of Churches and Organizations using this program.


Here are just a few:


I had the opportunity to participate with DFC Travel.  We recently visited one of the resorts in Florida. The rooms were very beautiful, spacious, and luxurious! The entire atmosphere was breathtaking, and everything at the resort was immaculate. The kitchen had a nice long kitchen counter for seating with granite tops. The bathrooms were very clean and decorative, also with granite tops.  The living room area came with beautiful leather furnishing with a nice size flat-screen TV.  The master bedroom was large with a king size bed that included a spacious bathroom and whirlpool tub!  The second bedroom had a king size bed as well, with a mini kitchen that included a mini stove, refrigerator and microwave and it also included a small dining/living room area, This room also had extremely comfortable leather furnishing which included a pullout sofa bed.  All bedrooms and living areas came with TV’s.  The great thing about this particular resort is that it sits back away from the streets so it was quite calm especially during the night hours, so enjoying the patio space at night was very peaceful.  It was so peaceful that I couldn’t resist taking advantage of just a nice walk around the area. Some of the activities included a large swimming area, basketball and tennis courts, and some surrounding areas for kids were filled with statues of Jurassic park like dinosaurs and gator miniature golf.  We also enjoyed nearby shopping and dining, also minutes away from the resort.  I would recommend DFC Travel to anyone who may be thinking about vacationing. Excellent Resort!! I myself give it 5 *****stars! D. Bridges


We had desired to build a youth facility and new worship center for some time now. This would have taken time and financial assistance that we did not have. Through this program, we have moved closer and closer to our goal. We recently bought 10 acres of property with three existing buildings for our new sanctuary. Glory be to God through our Lord Jesus to use a great program like this.  It is truly a blessing.  Thanks!  Apostle A. Jackson


We are so excited! This is an awesome program and it really works. We are receiving checks and it is because members are supporting their church.  This is the best program on the planet and there’s nothing like it. I can’t wait for Phase II which is even better.  Praise the Lord!  Min. E.W.


I am excited about this program because it really works and the products are fantastic. I invited Debt Free Church to do a presentation before our members and they stayed until all the questions were answered. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in the program. Now that I have a check in hand, I know that this program works and as members get involved, we will be financially able to help support the surrounding community. We thank God for Debt Free Church.  Pastor E. Williams

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